Immerse yourself in the future of food at the World Agrifood Innovation (WAFI) Conference, a premier global platform fostering dialogue and breakthroughs in agrifood system innovation. Join us in the heart of Pinggu District, Beijing, China, from October 10th to 12th, 2024, for the compelling theme 'Climate Change & Agrifood Systems Transformation.' Explore the frontiers of knowledge with international experts, innovators, and thinkers, shaping the future of our food systems together.

In an era marked by swift socio-economic shifts and pressing environmental concerns, the need for pioneering scientific and technological advancements in the global agrifood system has reached a critical point. These innovations stand at the forefront of nurturing global nutrition and health, driving green, low-carbon futures, and paving the way for high-quality growth and shared prosperity.

With the ambitious goal of channeling global expertise and uniting exceptional minds, we extend a warm invitation to the world's leading scientists, educators, and entrepreneurs specializing in agrifood innovation to participate in this year's transformative conference. Our mission is to forge a dynamic platform where the exchange of groundbreaking ideas, the unveiling of the latest discoveries, the initiation of industry-academic collaborations, and the birth of novel agrifood innovation drivers take center stage.

This year's agenda is meticulously crafted to include a main forum, five specialized thematic forums, and the World Agrifood Science & Tech Expo, alongside a rich array of sub-forums and parallel discussions. These thematic forums—spanning the WAFI University Presidents Forum, the WAFI Entrepreneurs Forum, the WAFI Agrifood Venture Capital Forum, the WAFI Youth Forum, and the International Forum for Agrifood Science and Technology Exchange and Cooperation—are designed to catalyze meaningful dialogue and partnership across the agrifood system.

The conference will also feature the World Agrifood Science & Tech Expo, a showcase of the latest scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations driving the future of global agrifood development. In partnership with leading agricultural universities, research institutes, distinguished companies, chambers of commerce, and associations worldwide, we'll delve into critical themes like Smart Agrifood, Advanced Bio Breeding, Green Sustainable Development, Future Food and Nutritional Health, Agrifood Investment, Venture Capital, Facility Agriculture, and Modern Livestock Farming.

Join us in shaping the future of our food systems, where collaboration, innovation, and shared vision ignite the path to a sustainable and prosperous global community.