About Exhibition

The World Agrifood Science and Technology Expo strives to establish itself as the foremost and emblematic platform of global agrifood innovations. It aims to showcase the latest global advancements, pivotal projects, breakthrough technologies, and innovative products in agrifood science and technology. The Expo is dedicated to fostering international dialogues and collaborations in agriculture, thus advancing innovation, translating achievements into practical applications, and promoting the widespread adoption of agrifood innovations. Its ultimate objective is to steer global agriculture towards more efficient, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable pathways.

Scheduled to take place from October 10th to 12th, 2024, at the Beijing Pinggu, the 2024 Expo will spotlight critical domains and cutting-edge frontiers of agrifood science and technology. The Expo aims to catalyze meaningful advancements and foster worldwide cooperation by curating a premier platform for exhibition, negotiation, investment engagement, and collaborative exchange in the agrifood sector.