Exhibition Center

一、 Exhibition procedures:

1. Exhibitors must be legitimate production or sales enterprises registered with relevant regulatory authorities. When signing exhibition contracts, they must submit copies of relevant documents such as "Business License", "Production License", "Hygiene License", and affix their official seals. Organizers without these documents have the right to refuse entry to the exhibition venue.

2. Exhibitors shall fill out the "Exhibition Application Form" in detail and affix their official seal, and mail or fax it to the organizing committee office;

3. After registration, exhibitors must remit the relevant fees to the designated account of the organizing committee office within 7 days;

4. The arrangement of booths is based on the principle of first registration, first payment, and first arrangement. The organizing committee office has the right to adjust a small number of booths;

5. The transportation of exhibits, reception of representatives, registration and accommodation, and other matters will be explained in detail by sending a separate exhibition manual to the organizing committee office 30 days before the exhibition.

二、 Exhibition Instructions:

1. Exhibitors are not allowed to sublet or assign all or part of their booth to others, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to reclaim the booth and the booth fee will not be refunded.

2. Exhibitors must ensure that the exhibited products are within the designated exhibition scope of this exhibition. Otherwise, the organizing committee has the right to remove the exhibits from the venue or confiscate them by law enforcement personnel, and reclaim the booth. The booth fee will not be refunded.

3. Exhibitors must strictly abide by the on-site regulations of the exhibition and shall not occupy any space outside their booth for display and promotion.

4. This exhibition will have a silent exhibition hall. To maintain a good communication environment, it is recommended that exhibitors do not use audio equipment.

5. Exhibitors are prohibited from withdrawing early or midway for any reason, or from leaving their booths unattended.

6. The organizing committee has the right to forcibly stop exhibitors' improper behavior in violation of exhibition regulations, and to sue for the adverse effects and losses caused by exhibitors' improper behavior, and demand economic compensation.

7. Exhibitors must strictly comply with the relevant provisions of national laws and regulations on exhibition behavior.