Exhibition Center

1. National Zone

Pavilions from major countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, UK, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, Netherlands, etc.

2. Agricultural Achievements of Provinces and Cities Zone

① Achievements in the development of agrifood science and technology of provinces and cities
② Innovative models and important achievements of agricultural universities, research institutes, agricultural science and technology parks, demonstration and display bases of modern agricultural science and technology

3. World Famous Enterprises Zone

① The world's top 500 agricultural enterprises
② Leading agricultural enterprises

4. Intelligent Agriculture Zone

Agricultural AI+Big Data, Agricultural Logistics Network, Agricultural Robots, Sensor Networks and Devices, Unmanned Farms, Environmental Inspection, Bio-Agriculture, Agricultural Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutrality, Networked Management Systems and Training Systems, and other Modern Agricultural Information Technologies and Achievements

5. Facility Agriculture Zone

① Plant factory whole equipment, plant filler light, console, nursery frame and other plant factory whole industry chain
② Greenhouse technology, greenhouse materials, greenhouse support system, greenhouse frame, greenhouse membrane and other greenhouse technology industry chain.
③ Intelligent fishery related technologies and equipment

6. Water-saving Irrigation and Intelligent Water Zone

① Agricultural precision irrigation equipment, horticultural irrigation equipment, sprinkler irrigation equipment, micro irrigation systems, all kinds of irrigation accessories, etc.
② Irrigation management information system, water quality monitoring and early warning equipment, water information management system, water production and operation management system, water supply and drainage network management system, intelligent water-related accessories and tools, etc.

7. Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Zone

Harvesting machinery, tractors, crop protection machinery, agricultural drones, ploughing machinery, fertiliser machinery, seeding machinery, planting machinery, forestry machinery, hill and mountain farming machinery and other intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment

8. Modern Seed Industry and Agricultural Materials Zone

① Modern breeding technology and seed industry machinery and equipment
② Equipment and auxiliary facilities for the production of seeds, pesticides, fertilisers and agrochemicals

9. Livestock Technology Zone

Large-scale livestock and poultry breeding enterprises, famous animal protection enterprises, livestock production and breeding machinery and equipment, livestock feed industry chain, intelligent breeding technology, modern pig farm and poultry farm design, livestock industry biomass energy source, etc.

10. Future Agrifood Technology Zone

Molecular agriculture, future food, artificial food, agricultural biotechnology, regenerative agriculture and other future agrifood research outcomes and on-site experience zone

11. Agricultural Financial Services Zone

Financial institutions providing agricultural loans, insurance, consultancy, investment and financing, payment solutions, cross-border financial products, rural financial scenario construction and other services

12. Comprehensive Zone

Science and technology innovation of small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises , Rural revitalisation,  Processing and packaging of agrifood product, Cross-border e-commerce, Cold chain logistics, Leisure agriculture, etc.