Exhibition Center

1. National Pavilion

Exhibition groups from countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, and the Netherlands, etc.

2. Provincial and Municipal Agricultural Technology Achievements Pavilion

Agricultural technology development achievements of various provinces and cities, innovative models and important achievements of agricultural technology parks, modern agricultural technology demonstration bases, etc.

3. Global Renowned Enterprises Pavilion

World Agriculture Top 500 Enterprises, domestic and foreign agricultural leading enterprises, etc.

4. Smart Agriculture Pavilion

Modern agricultural information technologies and achievements, including Agriculture AI+big data, agricultural Internet of Things (IoT), agricultural robots, sensor networks and equipment, unmanned farms, environmental monitoring, bio-agriculture, agricultural carbon peaking and neutrality, networked management systems, training systems, and more.

5. Facility Agriculture Pavilion

Industry chains, including whole plant factory equipment, plant supplementary lighting, LED supplementary lighting and fixtures, control consoles, seedling racks, greenhouse engineering, greenhouse materials, greenhouse supporting systems, greenhouse structural components, shed film, as well as smart fishery-related technologies and equipment facilities, among others.

6. Water-saving Irrigation and Smart Water Management Pavilion

Products and technologies related to irrigation and water management, including precision agricultural irrigation equipment, horticultural irrigation equipment, sprinkler machinery, micro-irrigation systems, irrigation accessories, and more. Additionally, there will be displays of irrigation area management information systems, water quality monitoring and early warning equipment, water information management systems, water production and operation management systems, water supply and drainage pipe network management systems, as well as smart water management-related accessories and tools.

7. Future Agricultural Technology Pavilion

Scientific research achievements in molecular agriculture, future food, biomimetic analog food (artificial food), agricultural biotechnology, and other areas related to future agriculture. Additionally, there will be dedicated on-site experience areas for visitors to engage with these advancements.

8. Smart Agricultural Machinery Pavilion

Intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment, including harvesting machinery, tractors, plant protection machinery, agricultural drones, tillage machinery, fertilizing machinery, seeding machinery, planting machinery, forestry machinery, and hilly and mountainous agricultural machinery.

9. Modern Seed Industry and Agricultural Materials Pavilion

Modern breeding technology and seed industry-related machinery and equipment, crop seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, and agricultural chemical products production equipment and supporting facilities, etc.